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    Helping you to:

    • Enjoy better quality sleep
    • Banish old habits
    • Be more confident
    • Increase self motivation
    • Stop smoking

    Hypnotherapy can bring about powerful, permanent results.


    Alison Jones, Cert Hyp CS, is a professional hypnotherapist based in Tonbridge, Kent.


    Business hours:

    Mon-Fri: 19.30 - 21.30

    Sat & Sun: 9.00 - 14.00

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      One of the most important ingredients of a successful hypnotherapy treatment plan is your full commitment to the process. The start of the new year is a perfect time to use that desire in a positive and life changing way. I can work with you and your new year resolutions to resolve the issues...
      Christmas and New Year is always a time of temptation – we’re repeatedly reminded to eat, drink and be merry. An excess of food becomes hard to avoid, but if you want to enjoy the festive season without feeling over-stuffed, hypnotherapy can help you to stop at ‘just the one’. No more guilt, no...
    • About me

      I am fascinated by what makes us all so different from one another. I use my approachable and empathic nature to help people to be calmer, happier, more successful and to break free from unwanted behaviours. 


      When I tried hypnotherapy for myself, I was amazed by how quickly and easily the changes happened. All I had to do was be fully committed to wanting to change, allow myself to relax and absorb the hypnotherapist's suggestions. The results can be swift, powerful and permanent. Time is a precious commodity and my clients love having specific goals with a measurable outcome. Change can be achieved in a matter of hours, over the course of a few weeks.


      I take time to get to know you as an individual so that I can create a personalised treatment plan.


      I am registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society (NHS)



      • Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills, (AIM Awards, regulated by Ofqual)
      • Level 2, Introduction to Counselling Skills (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding body, regulated by Ofqual)
      • BA (Hons) Combined Humanities (French major), Middlesex University


      Telephone: 07979 824929

      email: alison@river-hypnotherapy.co.uk


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      • FAQ

        What is hypnotherapy?

        Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy carried out under hypnosis, using positive verbal suggestions and visualisation to make changes to your emotions, thought patterns and physical self. I communicate with the subconscious part of your mind, as it is more open to change than the conscious part.


        How does hypnosis work?

        Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, brought about using a range of techniques. This wonderful state allows the conscious mind to relax so that your subconscious mind can take on board suggestions for change. It feels a little like sleep, but you are awake, with your eyes shut most of the time throughout the process.


        What is the subconscious mind?

        This is the part of your mind that works without you actively trying to make it work. It is a kind of storage room for things that you have experienced throughout your life. The subconscious (sometimes referred to as the unconscious) mind influences your behaviour and this is the part which is open to suggestion when you are deeply relaxed. We can reprogramme our thinking by accessing and speaking to the subconscious mind, using hypnotherapy.


        Am I in control or will you take over my mind?

        You are in control and will only do or say things that you are comfortable with. We will work together to help you fully relax to get the best results from the treatment. I simply facilitate and deepen your relaxed state by using imagery and language suited to you.


        Why do people seek hypnotherapy?

        There are many reasons, but it is a well regarded and effective treatment for smoking cessation, weight loss and healthy eating, confidence building, banishing phobias, and changing habits such as nail biting or other repetitive behaviours.


        How many sessions will I need?

        This will depend upon what your goals are. I will assess your aims and expectations at the initial consultation, so that we can work towards a clear outcome. Each session lasts around 45 minutes and a typical course of treatment takes place over three or four sessions, following the initial consultation. We can meet weekly, or every second or third week, to suit your schedule.


        During the initial consultation, which typically lasts around 1.5 hours, I will ask many detailed questions about you, your likes and dislikes, and we will discuss the changes you would like to make. I will then design a programme of treatment for you. I will ask for your feedback at each session so that the success of the treatment plan can be measured, and your goals met.


      • What can hypnotherapy help with?

        Below are some examples of what I can treat - an initial phone call with me is free, so do call me if you have any questions or if your concern is not listed here........


        Smoking cessation - the benefits begin hours after extinguishing your last cigarette


        Confidence building - e.g. public speaking, interviews, networking and socialising


        Spending less - be free of the damage caused by compulsive shopping


        Sports performance and motivation - picture yourself, fit and strong, achieving your goal


        Exam stress - a very common worry which can be helped


        Phobias - these are irrational fears which can be eradicated using a range of techniques


        Weight loss and healthy eating - be free from diets and fad eating programmes


        Anxiety - caused by many different factors, I can give you the tools to cope


        Obsessions and compulsions - rid yourself of these limiting and restrictive behaviours


      • Testimonials

        Clients I have helped, in their own words ...........

        Neil H.B. - sports motivation and pain management

        "I was training for the Berlin Marathon. My ankle was hurting, badly, and I was losing confidence that I would complete the race, so I tried hypnotherapy with Alison for pain management and motivation. Whilst I didn’t feel I would be very easy to put under, I trusted Ali implicitly so I was happy to give it a go. Ali asked me a series of questions beforehand, at the initial consultation, about colours and imagery.


        To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Not long into the session, I found myself in a trance and my body had completely relaxed under Ali’s incredibly relaxing voice, her immense use of imagery based on my previous answers and her patiently considered instructions.


        I felt euphoric, ultra-confident and had established an ‘anchor’ – this being squeezing my thumb and forefinger together - for those times when I either felt pain or just needed to recall that confident feeling during the race. And all from the comfort of a chair!


        On race day, my anchor, the techniques and imagery that Ali had helped me create in my mind didn’t let me down. The pain stayed away for the duration of the race and during the dark times of the race, I simply focused on my anchor and that strength and confidence I’d experienced and I finished it in my goal time of 4 hours.


        I’m so grateful for Ali’s super support. She is a truly great hypnotherapist. Thank you Ali!"


        Neil H. - smoking cessation - after 25 years of smoking

        "Thank you. You did absolutely brilliantly. Turning to a cigarette is not an option in my head as I really do feel like a non-smoker.


        I feel really positive about this……something feels very different to other attempts. You have done a brilliant job. You have managed to do something no one else has - you should be very proud. My mindset is really different and it feels like I have cracked it, which is crazy as in the past I have always felt that there would be another cigarette and this time it does feel final."


        Anonymous - drinking and smoking

        I was desperate, and heading for self-destruction through drink and cigarettes. I was at the end of my tether and willpower alone was not doing it for me. My ex-boyfriend suggested hypnotherapy so I contacted Alison. She was warm, kind and did not judge me. She asked so many questions on the phone that I felt really cared for. After only 4 sessions I was practically not drinking at all and I had stopped smoking altogether. I can now drink half a glass of wine and leave it at that but I can't explain why. Alison just had a way with words and sent me to a place of intense relaxation that I have never experienced before. I am a convert.

        S.F. Anxiety

        "I’m so pleased I came to see you. You have given me some amazing tools to work with and I know that just by relaxing and spending time on me, I can make some progress in how I feel towards myself, my over-eating and the rejection and loss I have faced.


        I do feel better. It’s hard to describe. I miss you taking me to my happy place, but it has been amazing to work on those exercises and focus on the future a bit more."


      • an initial phone call is free of charge ...........

        Tonbridge, Kent
        9.30 am - 9.30 pm Mon-Fri
        Weekend hours - by arrangement
        07979 824929
      • Fees

        Please call me if you have any questions, on 07979 824929


        I will talk to you on the phone to begin with, and this is free of charge


        Cancellation charges may apply. Enquire for more information.


        Per session:


        Each session lasts around 50 minutes.

      • General data protection regulation (GDPR) statement

        Your personal data will be protected. Every client will receive a copy of my GDPR statement and will sign to say they have read and agreed it before we begin the treatment plan. Copies are available by email upon request.

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