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Christmas - a time to indulge?

How your subconscious approach to food can be re-set

Christmas and New Year is always a time of temptation – we’re repeatedly reminded to eat, drink and be merry. An excess of food becomes hard to avoid, but if you want to enjoy the festive season without feeling over-stuffed, hypnotherapy can help you to stop at ‘just the one’. No more guilt, no more comfort-eating, no more over-indulgence.

Have you walked into a supermarket or food hall these past few weeks and felt overwhelmed by the sight of all that festive food?

Have you imagined your weight increasing simply by looking at it all? You’re not alone.

Do you wonder how other people do it? How do they keep their weight stable, stopping at one mince pie, leaving some of their roast potatoes on the plate, saying no to more cream? The diet industry is so lucrative because they feed (pardon the pun) off the back of the Christmas period, people's insecurity and fear of being out of control.

Imagine being able to say no to food once you were comfortably full. In fact, imagine not having to use willpower at all. How would that feel, to not think about food unless you were hungry? What a relief to be unconcerned about the next meal or snack, to simply replenish your stocks by eating a natural and healthy amount.

We were born to eat the right amount. When we were babies and toddlers, we instinctively ate when we needed to and left the rest. We had no reason to perceive food as a treat, or make ourselves feel better by eating sweet or fatty foods. We were not born with a sugar, salt and fat addiction!

We learned our eating patterns and behaviours as we grew, as we were shown how food can be used (misused) to plug emotional gaps. We were given food to cheer us up when we were sad, showered with praise when we cleared our plates, and offered pudding as a reward.

Through careful exploration of these patterns and behaviours, we can unpick and unpack the areas which cause us discomfort and re-set the subconscious part of our mind so that we can eat normally and healthily again.

You do not need to learn it from scratch - your mind knows it already. You were born that way.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying food. Our body and mind simply need to be aligned so that they work together to give the best nourishment, to allow a healthy and calm approach to eating, without emotional turmoil.

How does this sound – and would you like to find out how hypnotherapy can help you redefine your relationship with food? Call me, Alison Jones on 07979 824929 or email me at:

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